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Get to know the names of the town commissioners.

Election results

April 10, 2024

Below are the unofficial election results for the Town of Hebron  Commissioner Election:

  • Kenneth William Abrams - 49
  • Jack Kyle Presley - 21
  • Toni Dwyer (Write-in Candidate) - 43
  • Randall Stafford (Write-in Candidate) - 36

New Commissioners Toni Dwyer and Kenneth Abrams will be sworn in on May 1, 2024, at the Commissioner meeting.  The meeting begins at 6pm, located at Hebron Town Hall.

Town Commission

Elected by Voters to 2-year terms (Next Election: April 9th, 2024)

Colby Phippin, Commissioner President
Kenneth Pick, Commissioner
Amelia A. Handy, Secretary

David Hooper, Commissioner
Chester M. Sebald, Commissioner


Steven D. Cox, Esq.
Town Attorney
phone: (410) 742-6970
e-mail: [email protected]



Town Clerk Melinda Stafford, APS; email - [email protected]

Fiscal Accounts Tech Robin Hill; email - [email protected]

Waste / Sewer Staff

Jerry Kennedy, Water / Sewer Superintendent
Clyde Church, Waste / Sewer Operator - [email protected]
Jimmy Jones, Water / Sewer Staff - [email protected]


Hebron's Town Commission is always proud to serve in your best interests. Stay informed about the events, happenings and all decision making in the town of Hebron. Call 410-742-5555 for more information.


Hebron Savings Bank

Hebron Savings Bank

Contact: Peter Scott,

Nelson's Church

Nelson's Church

Contact: Charles Fiore,

Hebron Food Rite

Hebron Food Rite

Contact: Azam Azar,

The Hebron Train Depot

The Hebron Train Depot

Contact: JR Lemon,