Town commisioners

Get to know the members of the Hebron Town Commission

Get to know the names of the town commissioners and know who you can refer all your questions and matters to concerning Hebron

Hebron's Town Commission is always proud to serve in your best interests


Elected by Voters to 2-year terms (April) 2018

Richard S. Dwyer, President (Voted by Commission April), 2018

Davis Hooper, Vice-President (Voted by Commission April), 2017

Amelia A. Handy, April 2017

Ronald G. Ayers, April 2018

Chester M. Sebald, April 2017

Steven D. Cox, Esq., Town Attorney (410) 742-6970

Mary A. Purner, Town Manager - (410) 742-5555

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m

(View all PAST PRESIDENTS of The Town Commission)

Stay informed about the events, happenings and all decision making in the

town of Hebron.


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